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Academic Sources

How the East Coast Rocks: A History of Hip Hop in Halifax, 1985 - 1998 by Michael McGuire (MA Thesis, 2011)

The Northside Hip Hop Archive

The Northside Research Project: Profiling Hip Hop Artistry in Canada by Motion Live Entertainment & Saada STYLO (Canada Council for the Arts, 2006)

History of Halifax Hip Hop with Alex Kuchma (CBC Mainstreet, 2019)

Rap Indépendent by Sylvain Bertot (Le Mot et Le Reste, 2014)

Journalism and Documentaries

Hali Agents by Eric K. Arnold (The Source, 2001)

Halifax Hip Hop Anticipates the Big Bang by Thomas Quinlan (Exclaim, 2000)

Trizoys Rap and Hip Hop Reviews (Brockway Entertainment)

A Brief History of Records in Halifax by Rana Encol (Dalhousie Gazette, 2012)


The History of Hip Hop in Halifax by Adria Young (VICE, 2014)

Not hearing hip hop? You're not looking in the right place by Dina Lobo (The Signal, 2015)

What do you know about Uniacke Square Posse and Halifax Hip Hop Circa 1988? by Kris Hamlyn (Secret East, 2017)

Interview: Jorun Bombay on Updating Recordings of Hip Hop Parties from the Past (Red Bull Music Academy, 2019)

As an entrepreneur and hip-hop artist, Tremayne “Trobiz” Howe doesn’t miss a beat, by Matthew Byard (Halifax Examiner, 2021)

In the Maritimes, the hip hop scene is taking off by Kyle Mullin (Globe and Mail, 2022)

Being Black in Halifax: Belonging, Hip Hop and Self Love by Harmony Adesola (CBC, 2022)

Also Check Out:

Hopscotch Arts Festival (Annual Hip Hop Festival in Halifax)

Black Buffalo Records

Hand Solo Records

Endemik Music

Taz Records

Obsolete Records


Halifax Jazz Festival

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