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East of East was started to showcase the depth and diversity of the Atlantic Canadian hip hop community.


The goal is to tell as thorough a story as is possible and that requires the involvement of the broader community.

The contents of the archive are not complete.


If you encounter incomplete/inaccurate information, or notice an artist/group/album missing, please contact us.


We want to get it right and need your help to do so.


If you have information or material that you wish to donate, or if you have items that can be digitized and returned to you, please contact East of East.
Proper credit will be given to contributors.


Who gets included?

The purpose of the archive is to document hip hop culture originating in Atlantic Canada. While this seems straightforward, taking into account those who were born in the region, those who moved either permanently or temporarily to the region, and those who are from the region but now reside elsewhere can be a complicated task.

Artists based in Atlantic Canada will be included.

Artists who established themselves in the Atlantic Provinces will be included, even if they have since left the area.

Artists who do not currently reside in Atlantic Canada, and artists who come to the region after establishing themselves elsewhere, may be included if they have spent a significant amount of time in the region and generated some form of material history or contributed to the hip hop community and culture in some tangible way.

Compilations featuring Atlantic Canadian artists will be included, even if the majority of the compilation is not Atlantic Canadian.

For example:


Wordburglar’s entire discography is represented because he is from, and started his rap career in, Halifax, even though he has called Toronto home for many years.

Pip Skid’s Farm Fresh album is included, while the rest of his discography is not, because it reflects his time spent in Atlantic Canada, working and performing with Atlantic Canadian artists while his other work (except for that album with John Smith and Skratch Bastid) is less connected to the region. 

Phakt came to New Brunswick from Washington DC, but has contributed significantly to the Atlantic Canadian hip hop community, so his entire discography is represented.

Def Beat Records All Stars was produced in Toronto and features Toronto based artists, but due to ShyLuv's appearance on two tracks, is is included.

As stated, East of East is a work in progress and criteria for inclusion is flexible and intended to be as inclusive as is possible.

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